Monday, September 30, 2013

One Size Fits All?...really?

When I go out to shop and see some clothes with the tag 'One size fits all' I put that item back on the rail.  It'll never be a tag that works for me and yet for someone else it might be perfect.

Then it got me thinking about 'one size fits all' and 'coaching' and how many ways there are to communicate.  There are tons of opinions on the internet about the Law of Attraction, The Secret, vision boards and SMART goals.  Some cite that the power of positive thinking is an impossible task, while others view the law of attraction as a notion that isn't realistic.

Vision boards are also up for the opinion poll, and some go so far as to outline experiments conducted that show how a vision board may provide a sense of satisfaction among people but that it doesn't ultimately result in more success.

So it got me thinking and some of those thoughts were as follows:

1 - A vision board provides people with a chance to play.  It frees up their inhibitions, permits them to dream BIG and provides some focus for getting clear on what they want to go for.

2 - A positive attitude can help them to take action and ensure that goals extracted from the vision board can be SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achieveable, Realistic and Timely)

3 - The idea that energetically we influence outcomes through thoughts can help us to understand the simple principle that what we put our attention on we get more of.  Minds will wander, thoughts will dip, energy shifts...but being AWARE that this impacts on our ability to think or focus and take action to or away from a goal can be extremely helpful.

4 - Lots of options being available to people means there is a stronger likelihood that a change for the better can be made in their lives because the message behind all of this is about being responsible for your own life and how you live it.  

If all of these approaches to coaching dispelled with the myth that one is better than the other, then essentially you just have a good solid honest message told a number of different ways.As far as communication goes one size does NOT fit all so however the message reaches you, if it helps you to shift your thinking or move to act positively then it is doing the job it is meant to do.  It's helping.

Monday, September 23, 2013

What is it that you really want then?

Image courtesy of Hilbo & iconeasy

An interesting observation in recent weeks is how many of us choose to focus on what we don't want in our lives on a daily basis.  I've heard a lot of people, including myself, ease into the conversation of a situation in our lives that doesn't work for us any more.

The conversations range widely but what the common denominator in them all is where the focus is.  Instead of taking action to change and go after a solution, the energy seems to focused on what we don't want in our lives and how we don't want certain things or situations to continue.

The problem here is that the focus remains on the 'don't want' topic.  In relation to the Law of Attraction, it really doesn't discern whether you want or don't want an simply gives you more of the stuff you've placed your energy and attention on.

Another area of observation for the last short while however is the amount of people 'surprised' about how happy they are!  They're feeling lighter, more in flow with their life and definitely unreservedly more 'happy'.  It catches them off guard completely.

Yet I wonder if they've just been implementing a very simple and natural rule but perhaps don't realise it.  Maybe they reached a tipping point where what they didn't want just finally made them stop what they were doing and take stock of their life.  Maybe they got tired of the same routine and found themselves going 'right, I've had enough and I'm doing what I want from now on'. 

Either way the shift that has occurred is clearly working for these individuals, and what is very interesting is that it isn't a phase.  They seem to be moving into this new way of asserting what they want in their life to happen so that it becomes a natural thing to do. 

So if you find yourself stuck in the mud still, maybe take a minute and ask yourself 'What is it that I really want right now?

You never know, you might just be surprised at what happens!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Energy Forecasts

stockphoto from google

Lee Harris is one of the best bloggers out there at the minute for me. Every month he posts about the energy for that month, and his accuracy in relation to being able to pinpoint what people are feeling is brilliant. So for the month of September, I wanted to bring his forecast to the attention of anyone visiting this blog. In particular, I wanted to highlight that for those feeling a little under the weather and unsure why and for those feeling their energy shifting in new ways but can't quite put their finger on the whey either, then this forecast could help.
There is a lot of focus on Syria at present, and I for one hope that any further conflict and hurt can be avoided at all costs. It means that whether or not you are aware of it, your subconscious is aware of a fear and threat and this can change your energy considerably. As most of us have gone through considerable change over the last 5 years, in some cases change has been forced upon us whether we wanted it or not, some may feel that they're only beginning to get a sense of being grounded again and moving forward positively. Use the energy at the moment in the world to ground yourself and don't buy into the media turmoil.
By that, I mean always ask yourself about what the media is presenting to you and aim to remove the fear aspect as much as possible from the information. I sincerely hope some of you find the forecast helpful as I know I definitely look forward to Lees insights each month.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Belief Systems - when did you last examine them?

Something that really struck me recently is how often our needs and values fluctuate in the current climate. We've all been really tested over the last few years as job stability and financial security seemed like a fairytale told to kids. As the economy is still shifting into a more positive place, and it is taking a long time...the needs and values we held dear to us previously don't seem to fit the mould anymore. Our beliefs around employment have changed dramatically, sometimes not by choice and often under duress. For some the rude awakening around the reality of jobs, employment, money, savings...planning for the future...were simply too much to handle. One thing that has stood out is that a persons ability to examine their beliefs around these areas and 'let go' of outdated modes of thinking have enabled them to stay grounded. Fighting with reality is never a good thing to do but isn't it more empowering to actually state what type of beliefs you have, see if they're working for or against the reality and then adjust them to a new form of belief? I'm not talking about adapting negative 'reality' beliefs either...I'm talking about empowering beliefs. One that assist you with embracing the change and growing and learning from all the situations that have presented themselves. I'm talking about reinstating needs and values for RIGHT that beliefs built into these needs and values support them rather than grate against them. So have you taken the time to review your beliefs lately?

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Energy Awareness

"We assumed that living in the Now meant living in a very calm and blissful state, and it does mean that – but until we get used to it it’s a bit like living without a watch after a lifetime of having one attached to your wrist. You don’t have your usual point of reference to anchor you. We are connecting to a new point of reference, an inner point. Until we get used to that, it can sometimes feel like we’re floating in a bubble not attached to anything in particular. This simultaneously feels really blissful and yet a little bit scary because we’re used to having anchors and attachments and something to hold our reality together. At first we may interpret it as ‘My brain has disappeared’, ‘I can’t focus or concentrate on anything’, ‘I can’t hold my thoughts together/string a sentence together’ and ‘Everything feels so vague and foggy’. This ‘no time’ business is like being an astronaut who has to get used to zero gravity – it’s cool but strange." This is a very powerful message that struck a cord with me very strongly, especially the bubble bit! There are many energies knocking about at the moment, and they're not all great. Keeping your own clear and understanding your own energy, can at least help you determine whether a change in energy is yours or an influx of energy from another source. To some this all might sound a little airy fairy, yet, deep down they do sense there is something 'off' and 'happening'...and can't argue that they do feel it. I have had a lot of conversations with people that wouldn't normally be open to alternative ways of seeing the world, and yet they're talking in terms of energy shifts! In light of all these changes it is good to keep yourself informed as much as possible. Sites that I have found very helpful over the years are and the extract above can be found in it's full message on the site by Dana Mrklich. Linda from the mindfulhealing site sends a wonderful newsletter to keep you informed on changes, which is what alerted me to Danas message, so it is well worth signing up for it. I just wanted to share this case anyone out there is feeling a tad off centre and wondering what is going on at the minute. The weather in Ireland is definitely an indicator of odd energy shifts, particularly in the strange temperature drops and heavy rain in July! Anyway, it's good to get a lot of perspectives on it all, then you can form your own opinion and get a sense of what is true for you in all this.

Friday, June 29, 2012


Over the last little while I've had David Bowies 'changes' song in my head. So with this prompting of a song the internet was searched over a period of days in order to get any insights on what energies are currently effecting us. What I found was a fantastic range of websites offering up various forms of the same message. We're changing. We're evolving out of the ego, whether we want to or not. It started a while back and this year is effectively the time where we begin to fully integrate all these changes and live as a more enlightened and evolved being. Everyone is going to read it differently, simply because we are all experiencing the journey differently. No one is going through the same experience because in this we are truly unique. One strong message however is that the change is happening with our without our consent! Any emotion or belief you've been holding on to that prevents you from moving or becoming enlightened, will be challenged...and finally released. For some this will be completely obvious and a liberating experience, one where they fully engage with what is occuring even though it might be challenging. For others it will sound like hippy talk and the resistance to it can be expressed as anger, frustration and lashing out at others. Whatever way you find yourself experiencing this energy, it's something that is happening to everyone. Its purpose is to remind us that we are all connected and that connection needs to be reset. We need to remember our connection to one another and realise that we all count. No one person is special or better than another. As the new you emerges during this phase, be kind to yourself and realise that we are all on this journey. Be kind to others without taking on their energy, as it prevents them from learning their own truth and the lessons to help them make change happen.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Mind over matter and Beliefs

Image courtesy of Firetongue81 on google images search Over the last few weeks I've noticed that various videos and youtube clips are appearing, demonstrating the sheer strength of the human spirit in overcoming adversity. There are plenty of such stories out there but the two in particular that reached out and spoke to me this week were Claire Lomas & Arthur Boorman. Claire is paralysed from the chest down after a riding accident and finished the London Marathon after 16days. Arthur a disabled veteran from the Gulf War, began embarking on a yoga practice that helped him walk and run without crutches. I'm going to speak from my own personal truth here as everyone is going to have a different connection or experience with it. What struck me about both stories was the sheer determination to overcome their challenges and the way that a belief can change and inspire them to act. Claires belief in being able to complete it led to others believing in her and her family and team around her supported her in this belief. At the end of the marathon, as she hadn't completed it on the day the organisers didn't offer up a medal to her. However, a runner that did complete on the day came forward and offered his. This type of generosity coupled with an against the odds story of overcoming a massive challenge was extremely moving. It completely got to me and I was moved to act in some way. All I felt I could do at that moment was donate to charity, so I did. The second story of Arthur however, comes at a time when I got up to another rainy day in May, wondering when could I get out and go for a walk and felt decidedly groggy and fed up. Yoga has been an on/off practice for a couple of years and despite feeling good after doing it, it's always last on my list to do. So here is Arthur Boorman. An overweight disabled veteran with damaged legs, who accepted the diagnosis of not being able to walk without support again as 'fact'. He sought help. He didn't get it as no one believed that he could do yoga with his condition. Finally, one yoga teacher who met him felt compelled to help although he wasn't sure how. It wasn't easy, but the results in the video are amazing. Here, once again, is a demonstration of how belief in yourself can move mountains. What really stood out for me was that it only took 1 person to show a belief in Arthur for him to become inspired to change. Louise Hay has many books about being able to heal yourself, and how supressed unexpressed emotional pain can lead to physical problems,illnesses and disease. I think both the stories above, for me anyway, wake me up to the power of a belief and the true strength of the human spirit. It's easy to forget how strong we actually are when limbs are working fine and the challenges in our lives are few. Wouldn't it make sense to wake up now, and use these wonderful gifts to change around anything that isn't working? In the meantime, I am eternally grateful for those facing challenges that are willing to share their journey to assist with the worlds awakening. It is not only a gift but it is a true testament and timely reminder of what the human spirit can be and can do. I for one get humbled by it everytime and get inspired to drop my limiting beliefs. (Arthurs video is in the side bar section for youtube)